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It happens too often that you’re in a meeting with a client, a potential client, and he or she says something so inappropriate, so out of line, so breathtakingly ill-informed, that you literally feel like breaking the head, obviously yours!

But what happens next? Your choices are limited. You don’t want to blurt out something that will destroy the relationship. Last week one such incidence happened with me while I was sitting with a client and explaining to him something about his business website and search marketing on Google and other search engines. During that discussion, I learnt so many things from the client which about Google that i was totally unaware of. Believe me that discussion gave me a whole new insight into the way people use Google and its search results.

Before getting on to what happened, let me tell you that my dear client had called me to his office to understand about website designing, online marketing, and social media marketing for his business, I guess he had heard a lot about it from one of his competitors who supposedly is doing the same to promote his business website.

So as we sat for the discussion he opened Google on his laptop and typed his website’s URL in the search bar and from the search results he clicked his website to open it. This is how he opens any website. I asked him the reason behind this process and he said, his website is on Google. For a few minutes, I didn’t understand “his website is on google” meant what, until he revealed that he had been paying his website developer approx. Rs.12000/- per month for SEO, which enabled his website to be seen on Google otherwise it wouldn’t have had. Wow!

When I countered it and tried telling him the truth that to be on Google or appear in the search results for a direct search like; one doesn’t need SEO, he was kind of not ready to believe, rather doubted my knowledge about Google and SEO, etc.

He said the company that made his website is the best website designing company in Navi Mumbai. Without getting into any arguments I simply asked him the name of that so-called best website designing company in Navi Mumbai. He did tell me name but I won’t mention it here. It doesn’t look nice.

He also did a search on Google as “best website designing company in Navi Mumbai” and showed me his website designer’s website on the first page of search results and said “see they are one of the best website designing company in Navi Mumbai

I understood that the parameters of becoming the best website designing company in Navi Mumbai according to him were getting seen in one of the top positions in Google search results. I asked him, who told you this? And he proudly said his website designer who apparently is his best friend from school time.

Anyways…I did not land into any debate and quickly wrapped up the meeting, because his best website designing company owner cum best friend had corrupted his mind so much that any effort in the direction of right advice would have gone in vain, so I simply pushed off. That was the best thing i could do.

But trust me folks I feel very bad when I come across these misleading pitches and deceptive claims from people from the industry and online marketing fraternity, who simply dupe clients just because clients do not understand technology much.

What are they doing??? Business??? Or spoiling the business.

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