May 26, 2022 admin

Website Revamp | Oriental Lotus Hotel Supplies Pvt Ltd

Oriental Lotus (Hotel Supplies) Pvt. Ltd is a global name in personal care cosmetics and hotel amenities manufacturing & supply.

Our Scope Of Work For The Client

Initially, we started with designing the labels, product packaging, and sales pitch presentations for the client. After seeing our design & conceptualization capabilities they asked to do their company profile revamp and website revamp.

Our Approach

We studied their existing website, which lacked basic elements, and it was nothing more than a few web pages. Then we also studied their company profile and made a content plan covering all the areas of their business in detail.

We decided to use the same design for the website and company profile to maintain consistency and to optimize the recall – if a user visits the website and comes across the company profile later, or vice versa.

Client’s Old Website

Our Creation

  • Visually appealing
  • Technologically advanced – Responsive layout
  • Content rich
  • User friendly navigation
  • Original images