Brand Identity Usage Guidelines

The totality of a brand; the logo

Consistency Does Matter.

As we mentioned earlier on our Brand & Corporate Identity page, for a company to build a top-of-the-mind brand recall it needs to have consistency in its identity and its usage.

For a business, it is very important to keep engaging with the external world on a regular basis and if that engagement happens through a unified system, it creates a stronger stickiness.

The totality of a brand; the logo, design elements, typography, colors, and positioning & placement, etc, if used as per defined guidelines then it enables a company or a business to establish and maintain a clear, unified brand identity, both within the organization and beyond.

We create for our clients a detailed guideline document that clearly defines the dos and don’ts of usage of the brand and its various elements.

The standard brand identity usage guidelines ensure that the brand’s shape, size, design, and colors are not tempered by any user and thus it helps in strengthening the “brand identity” throughout its life cycle.

“We become what we want to be, by consistently being what we want to become each day”