The world’s most popular messaging platform WhatsApp today published advertisements in various prominent news dailies talking about ‘How to decide if something sent to you on WhatsApp is true or not’ Fake news and false information have become a nightmare for society in the recent past, hence the company decided to tackle this menace by making few intelligent updates in its app.

The full-page ad says “Together we can fight false information,” urges users to check information before sharing it, and cautions them about the spread of news that seems fake. The ad also said – We all need to work together – technology companies, the government, and community groups to make people aware and help stop the spread.

As a digital marketing agency, we thought it’s our responsibility to spread the message to as many people as possible; using digital platforms, hence we have created this video based on WhatsApp’s ad. We hope this video will help y’all in understanding what’s fake news or false information and what is true. Kindly watch the video and share it with your friends, family, and colleagues and let’s save society from this nuisance.


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