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Brand Revamp | Arrow Electricals India Pvt Ltd

Arrow Electricals India Pvt Ltd is a leading LV & HV Electrical Control Panel manufacturers and turnkey solutions provider catering to various segments ranging from residential and commercial property developers, data centers, IT Parks, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, and Oil & Gas to state and local government.

Why should we rebrand? A question asked by the company’s founders.

We studied their existing logo and explained to them the drawbacks and challenges with their existing logo and put forwarded our recommendation for having a brand revamp.

Their existing logo consisted of 6 Elements, 4 Colours, 2 Font Types, 3 Font Styles, 3 Parallel Lines, and 1 Patch.

The Win!

After multiple rounds of discussions, they understood the practical challenges and the associated drawbacks and finally agreed of brand revamp with a mandate that their new identity should not be totally different because over years of usage the old identity had developed a certain level of recall.

Our Approach

We zeroed in the vital elements of their existing logo like colors, brand name, and former brand name and quashed the rest.

With the above approach, we created 3 concepts with various permutations & combinations, and presented to the client with various mocked up applications.

Here is the final option selected by the client.


  1. Cluttered
  2. Aesthetically imbalanced
  3. Lacks visual appeal
  4. Does not evoke a feeling of an established brand / company
  5. Devalues brand equity
  6. Not fit for application on digital platforms
  7. Limitation in usage and application on varied marketing collateral
  8. Loses its legibility when used in small size


  1. Clutter free
  2. Aesthetically balanced
  3. Appears to be an established company
  4. A set of master identity, secondary logo, B&W lockups and an icon for digital platforms
  5. A brand manual with usage guidelines
  6. No loss of legibility or visibility in small size