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Instagram Followers

Those who wish to buy Instagram followers for their personal profile; to become another so-called influencer in the already crowded influencer space, or for a business profile to attract more customers by showing a huge followers count – please read this article till the end and then decide…

Does it really make sense to buy Instagram followers?

In my opinion, it never made any sense to buy Instagram followers or for that matter applying any hack to succeed in digital marketing activities.

Before I dive deep into a case study, let’s understand what does followers mean?


instagram followers


A follower is a person who supports and admires a particular person or set of ideas or A follower is a person who moves or travels behind someone or something.

Hence if anybody is buying followers it proves that the person or that business isn’t exciting enough to earn admirers.

So, do not get lured by the fascination of having 22.5K Followers or 12.9M Followers, at the end of the day it’s the ‘quality of followers’ and ‘quality of engagement’ that matters not the quantity.

“Bhai Instagram Ke Followers Badwao”

“Kuch Karo Yaar Instagram Ke Followers Are Too Less”

“What Are You Guys Doing Bro? Instagram Followers Are Increasing At Snail Pace”

??? Wondering what it is? Yes, you guessed it right. These are a few messages that one of our clients sent me almost every second day. And I always replied to him saying…

“Sir it does not make sense to do unfair activities to increase followers because what is fake is fake. They will never engage and won’t stay for long. And above all, there is a chance that Instagram might suspend our account”

For a few months, I managed to convince him but as you know there are times when no reasoning seems to work in front of the client and the only way left in front of you is to do what the client wants you to do.

So, a few days back I used one of the sites that claim to provide Instagram followers for free. I signed up using our client’s profile and followed 10 profiles suggested by them and in no time our client’s Instagram followers went up from 844 to 944.

I jumped for joy for a moment but sooner I realized that all the followers were from other countries and looked like fake accounts with hardly any followers or posts.

Very next moment I thought let’s try buying a few hundred followers and see if that works. I googled “buy Instagram followers India” and went through a couple of websites. Finally, I stopped on one and placed an order for 500 Indian Instagram Followers by paying Rs.400/-

Within a moment I received order confirmation with the current follower count. I felt like I hit the right chord.



instagram followers



Within 2 days the followers increased to 1444, poore paanch sau, na ek kam na ek zyada.

They say…Happiness Is Always Short-Lived. True!

The happiness of seeing 1444 followers did not last for more than two days and soon the follower count started decreasing. Well, it did not surprise me or disturbed me much coz I knew this is going to happen BUT it did open the client’s eyes and finally he accepted that all these tricks are useless.

Here is what he messaged me:


instagram followers



Now the question is what to do instead of buying Instagram followers


First of all, control your impatience to grow exponentially. It is always better to grow your following and engagement on Instagram which will result in actual long-term benefits.

  • Know your followers well.
  • Post something that is real and relevant to them
  • Engage with them and respond to them within time.


We recently did a campaign specifically to grow the client’s Instagram followers where we planned a small contest for fun using valentine’s day as the opportunity.

We started the campaign on 12th Feb 2020 at 6:15 PM with 922 Followers, by the end of the campaign on 15th Feb 2020 our client’s Instagram followers increased by nearly 200 real active followers and counting…

And the engagement was fantabulous too with 288 meaningful comments!

I plan to run many more such campaigns which will turn into real followers and relevant comments. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Bye Bye!

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