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Sales don’t happen easily these days. Of course, it used to.

Someone calls up and says, do you sell this product or offer this service I’m looking for?

Oh, you do? Great.

What’s the price like?

It will cost you Rs.500/-.

Ok, you keep it ready I am coming to pick it up.

It’s a history now, gone are the days when selling was so simple. In fact, it wasn’t selling; it was just attending to an incoming lead.

Today, in order for making a sale, we have to do something deliberate and different – something that forces the other person to reach out to us in the first place. And then people who contact us are, by definition, our prospects; they’re the ones who will buy only if we focus our attention will convert to our customers.

So, in order to enjoy that bygone luxury of receiving calls from serious prospects we need to smartly churn the available options of online marketing.

When I explain this simple yet powerful concept of online marketing to people, I often hear, “Yes, we need to do it!”

So badly they need it that very easily they forget it. Anyways.

Online Marketing

But that’s the way it is with online marketing. People hear it, see it in action, or read it somewhere and say to themselves “Yes, that makes sense”. But seldom have they implemented those sense making strategies.

Those who not only said “yes, we need to do it” but rather did it at the right time have completely transformed their business fortunes.

Online Marketing

Once you get this concept and deliberately put it into practice, your business will swing in a new direction. And will eventually bring in the bygone luxury to present times.


Why selling has become difficult?

Myth: Competition has increased.

Truth: Your presence (visibility of your business/brand) has decreased.

Why don’t you do online marketing?

Common Response: Yes, we need to do it.

Right Approach: Yes we need it, let’s do it.


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