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There is a lot of awareness lately about online presence thanks to this technological age, Google and Facebook that have made this possible. Today every person and his dog want to be present online and enjoy the glory of being digitally social. Even small businesses have also realized the need of having a website and online marketing for business growth. Thanks again to Google and Facebook

Having a website and online marketing has become a very common topic of discussion amongst people who are running some business. Along with this discussion dwells one argument – How much you paid for website designing? Unfortunately, the latter is scarier.

I recently happened to overhear one such discussion when I stopped on the way; while returning from a client meeting last week, to have a cutting chai in Hiranandani Business Park Powai.

Their discussion on website designing went like this…

Business Owner 2 (Movers & Packers): Aamhi pan banawli website. (I have also got the website made)

Business Owner 1 (Property Dealer): Kiti dile tumi. (How much you paid?)

Business Owner 2 (Movers & Packers): Aamhi kai tari pandhra hazaar dile ek varhsache. (We paid nearly 15000/-for a year)

Business Owner 2 (Movers & Packers): Tumi kiti bharle. (How much you paid?)

Business Owner 1 (Property Dealer): Aamhi pan lumsum athra hazaar dile, pan amche poorna facebook, google advertising vagerah pan karnar. (We also paid approximately 18000/- for website designing but these guys are going to do Facebook and google advertising also for us.)

Till now I was somehow managing my emotions but the moment he claimed to have received Facebook and Google advertising (for a year) along with website designing I couldn’t stop and finally asked the gentlemen for their business cards pretending that I am looking out for a 2 BHK for rent in Chandivali, Powai.

After reaching office I went to their respective websites and discovered that Facebook page link was there on account of so called Facebook advertising, and the funny part is that the link was diverting the traffic to the Facebook page of the company who created the website. Waohh!

As a creative agency offering brand consulting, website designing, and digital marketing services we often come across these types of claims from our prospects. Frankly speaking, they are correct because their vendors do not give them enough clarity on what is what. Since these business owners do not have in depth knowledge of the concept of online marketing and website designing they get conned by these fly-by-night website designing companies and IT services providers.

Now you’re probably wondering how much we educate our clients about what, why, and how of website designing and online marketing. To answer this, I would say as much as possible, to the extent that we only convert 1 out of 20 prospects. Rest 19 either don’t come to us or we leave them because we believe in giving the right advice and not selling wrong solutions.

The ones, who become our clients, trust us and remain with us because when they confirm a deal, we promise them not to worry about design, content, ideas, marketing strategy, and ROI anymore. It is not just a thing we say, but it is a true thing we say. From there onwards we start thinking and planning about getting our clients’ objectives met, not just met – met with delight.

Creative agencies are expensive because you get a lot for your money. You get someone who thinks on behalf of you and for you keeping your vision in mind. You get someone who creates an opportunity for your brand to get liked by your existing customers and opted by new customers.

This is why comparing between an IT Solution company and a creative agency doesn’t really work because the first offers codes and some mundane layouts and the latter offers a composition of creativity and technology. If the cost of hiring a professional creative agency is high, then now you know why it is high. And if you ask them to lower the cost you are fundamentally asking them to not deliver what they are meant for.


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