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As a digital marketing consultant, practically every day I come across this million-dollar question – How to grow a business using Facebook?. Well, there are many ways one can leverage social media to increase business. If you go to Google and search “how to grow business using Facebook” you will get something like this.

How To Grow Business Using Facebook

Or if you search “facebook for business” then you get thousands of other links. And by the time you will do these searches there will be additional few thousand other links. Most of these links are valuable as they give beautiful insights into social media marketing and how to use Facebook for business, but very few or I would rather say hardly any of them talk about what to do with available social media platforms. It is more crucial to find out what to do on Facebook that can help grow business, rather than how to do.

Every business is different in nature and so are the demographics of its target audience. The phenomenon that works best in outlining what to do on Facebook starts with

#1: Knowing & setting the right target audience.

#2: Once you know your target audience, discover some innovative ways to engage with them.

#3: Your content needs to be very interesting to attract the people who matter to you.

#4: When people start contacting through Facebook, reply back on time.

Not all queries convert into business, so do not get pushy for sale every time you receive a query.

How To Grow Business Using Facebook Page


Finding how to grow a business using Facebook is very easy; simply go to google, search and read. I wish finding out what to do on facebook to grow a business would have been equally easier.

It’s not ‘how’ that gets you success it is ‘what’ that changes the game.

P.S: Are you also struggling with ‘what’, feel free to connect.

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