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Today, creating a memorable brand identity involves more than just a nice logo. One has to be more aware of the business, the target market, and the technology that consumers may want to use to access you. So do your research before you start hunting for a creative agency.

The following 5 tips are some of the most important for making sure that the brand you build is one that not only stands out but that consumers remember anytime they are in need of your products or services and can access them from anywhere.

Wondering where did the 6th Tip go??? No no.. it is not a typo neither designing error.

We promise we will tell you all the 6 Tips.

  1. Know Your Business: A memorable brand identity starts with a clear definition of your goals and mission as a company. A stronger vision of your company gives you a firm foundation to build your brand upon.
  2. Know Your Customers: You can’t stop knowing just your business because self-identification means nothing if you don’t have a clear picture of your target audience – your ideal customer. Knowing the consumers you will most likely attract as a company will help you better choose aspects of your brand design that customers will relate to and remember.
  3. Create a Brand Story: Developing a brand story goes back to making sure your company is related and making a connection with the brand and the communication. A story draws customers in and appeals to their emotions. If you can get them to feel an emotion that they relate to your company, then they will definitely remember you. Just make sure that your story is the same across every media that consumers encounter you – online, on their phones, or on a poster.
  4. Be Simple YET Creative: A complicated design is never memorable. So keep everything about your brand simple. Limit your colors and your fonts, and design a minimal logo. Keeping your story simple as well ensures that customers remember it and the emotions it elicits better. Keep in mind, though, that you also want to be creative. The most creative brands have always been the ones the public remembers long after their initial emergence.
  5. Be Consistent: A simple yet creative brand also ensures that it is still translatable between screen sizes or digital and print marketing media, for example. If you are able to maintain brand consistency no matter where customers encounter you, then you will build a much stronger and more memorable brand. They will recognize your company whether they access your website on their laptop or on their mobile phone.
    It’s time to fulfill my promise…So i tell you the 6th Tip…
  6. Contact Us: Thinking of branding or re-branding your organization don’t get hassled just contact us and we will take care of everything.
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