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Have you ever wondered how some blogs build a loyal audience while others struggle for mere few thousand visits?

To explain this I could easily quote readily available case studies of some successful blog, but I decided not to do that and explain the whole concept with something that we have been doing for ourselves and for our clients.

Why? You may ask; because we want you to learn and implement the same for your blog.

To explain how we’ve been able to do so and, more importantly, how you can achieve similar results, I am going to tell you what it takes to build a loyal audience for a blog.

Focus on quality, not quantity.

There are many blogs that are stuffed with content and generate substantial page views in a month but their time spent per visit is offensively low. All in all, efforts in vain! The simple reason behind poor time spent is a poor experience. Blog’s traction works largely as per this old saying “first impression is the last impression”. If a visitor doesn’t like your blog’s content when he lands on it for the first time believe me it is next to impossible that he will visit your website again.

Aim to provide the right information, not just achieve higher CTR.

Many online marketing agencies run after higher CTR (click through rate) and hence end up engaging awfully with the visitors. In the race to achieve higher CTR these people deliberately apply wrong practices of search engine optimization; technically known as “black hat seo”. Remember one thing you can fool your client and the visitors but you can never fool google. And in my opinion, one shouldn’t even try doing that.

Build leadership through readership.

We believe few readers are better than fewer reads. If your blog has few readers, it means your site or blog has interesting content. It is very difficult to gain a visitor and to retain him is all the more challenging, that’s why we repeatedly urge to create interesting and meaningful content.

Don’t spam.

Clients, prospects, visitors, and the public do love to read, and that’s why they subscribed to your blog. However, that doesn’t mean that the maximum number of posts will make your blog successful. Let me remind you, do not flood your subscribers’ inboxes with random posts and recurring newsletters, remember, that they always have the option to unsubscribe.


#1: If your blog looks visually appealing and proves to be technically advanced chances are that it will build a loyal audience.

#2: If your blog intends to educate, rather than fooling the visitor, chances are that it will build a loyal audience.

#3: If you successfully build 100 readers and satiated their needs, they will get you 1000 more and it means that you are on the right track.

#4: If you’ve heard this saying “too much of anything is harmful” then I am sure you would never spam.

Got it? Now happy blogging!


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