Jitendra Chandwani

Jitendra Chandwani

The Boss

Hi, I am Jeet, and I’m Founder & Chief Creative Officer here. I am a proud #RightBrainer, a #BootstrappedEntrepreneur, an #InsightfulDigitalMarketer, a #CertifiedBlogger, an #EngagingCopyWriter, a #BuddingPhotographer and a frustrated guitarist <learning in progress God knows since how many years now>.

The Innovations Beyond Story started in 2012, after working for nearly 9 years with companies like Sahara Airlines,, Minglebox Communications, and HT Media Limited (Firefly e-Ventures Ltd.).

Although started as a one man army; where I used to don various hats initially, today I am proud to say that we are a team of 8 ambitious and talented people serving our valuable clients in India and UAE.

I have always believed in giving right advice and apt solutions to clients’ problem, and that has helped us get strong references which eventually converted into clients and grew our top line as well as bottom line.

We’ve managed to create an environment where people are encouraged to take challenges, self-learn and innovate. This culture has cultivated a highly motivated team which is always ready to do something new, something crazy.

My goal is to grow this boutique agency and do all the more super crazy stuff for our clients in the times. That’s it for now.


Biswajyoti Das

Biswajyoti Das

The Digital Champion

Hi, I’m Biswajeet; I lead the Digital Marketing function here. I’m also responsible for planning, execution, delivery, budgeting and analytics. In short, I’m the one responsible for whatever happens on Facebook, Google and Webs of our clients. I am also responsible for training the new members in our digital team.

I am extremely happy for my learning that has happened in last 4 years and proud of what we’ve achieved as a company. I love seeing the great client feedback which often comes on various WhatsApp groups; that we create for each of our clients for quick communication. I’ve seen us grow from a team of 3 people in a tiny work place to the company we are now. Of course not very big, but bigger and better than before. I love my work, and the freedom to try out the new & trending in digital marketing space.

I enjoy music at work. Outside of work, spending time with my friends on weekends and traveling to the most remote places for trekking is my favorite karma, that’s why I often do not turn up for work on Mondays. Quip!

Vanshika Gakkhar

Vanshika Gakkhar

The Dreamer and Creator

Hi, my name is Vanshika. I’m Sr. Creative Designer – Graphics & Multimedia here at IB.

I have 2 years of experience in designing online stuff like web banners, social posts, GIFs, animated videos etc. and offline things like logos, brochures, business stationery, print ads and promotional material etc. After my mentor; our Ex Design Lead who left recently, I am now responsible to carry forward the legacy of creating the awesomeness in creative designing and visual communication.

As a Senior Graphic Designer, I play a key role in giving life to the majority of client briefs.

My passion for all things creative has enabled me deliver some outstanding graphic and animation work.

I keep my eyes and ears open to see and hear anything that is said about design in the industry. I’m a YouTube lover and on it in most of my free time to learn new techniques and software. And, yes to watch anything about Salman Khan coz I’m a Salman Khan Lover first and then YouTube!

When I’m not at work, I love cooking <pun intended>, some of the most favorite dishes in Punjabi cuisine like Rajma Rice, Chole Kulche, Chole Bhature or anything you name it.

Nikhil Patil

Nikhil Patil

The Coding Geek

<title>Hi, I am Nikhil. I work as a Web Developer here. </title>

I’m responsible for the code & tech play that happens day in and day out here. I have over 2 years of experience in developing websites. I have been working in the web space since 2016 and have managed, and created a few websites using PHP. Currently I am working on WordPress, and in process of delivering a few websites which our clients are eagerly waiting to see going live.

Prior to joining this creative workplace, I was working in a tech company where my exposure was only limited to writing codes and updating files and databases. I was really bored; I swear. Since I have joined Innovations Beyond; my belief of me having a creative bend of mind is proving true. Now it’s not just codes, databases and files – Now It’s also about content planning, right content display to ensure a great UX, li’l bit of content writing, and of course web development.

Born in Wada; a taluka near Bhiwandi, my recipe for happiness would be diving into river on weekends, a plate of fish curry with rice or boiled eggs with khichdi <Wada Kolam Rice, mind you> and a crowd of friends and family.

When I am not working, I am often found taking a nap on my desk, until I am prompted by my colleague sitting next, or YouTubing or honing my knowledge about Laravel Framework.

And yes, I am an organic comedian coz I have this natural habit of putting my foot in my mouth almost once in a day. So that makes me a great stress buster in office! That’s why my colleagues love me. Ask them!


Sampada Dhakshikar

Sampada Dhakshikar

The Digital Marketing Birdie

Hi, I’m Sampada, I work here as Executive – Digital Marketing. After graduating in Management Studies from JSM College Alibaug and completing my PG from Mumbai University, I started working with Autodesk as inside sales support executive. As I was inclined towards online marketing so after working there for some time I did a short-term course in Digital Marketing and that’s how I fell in love with Facebooks, Instagrams and Googles of the world. So much so that I decided to take my career through this route, and eventually joined Innovations Beyond.

My prime responsibility here is managing social media and search marketing of various clients that we work with. Right from #Ideation to #ContentPlanning, to #Execution, I ensure that the brand’s message goes out in an engaging and effective way.

In my spare time at the office, I am most likely be found honing my Digital Marketing skills through youtube or various digital marketing blogs. I love eating biscuits so much that my biscuits tiffin is bigger than lunch tiffin.

When it comes to working I just lose my self, sometimes so that my boss calls me lost soul! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Swati Gadade

Swati Gadade

The Art Fanatic

Hi, my name is Swati. I’m an artist at heart. I gained a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Sir J.J School of Arts, and then spent a year with a kid’s story books company as a graphic designer, where I used to create comic characters using CorelDraw.

I joined Innovations Beyond team recently in May 2018 as Jr Graphic Designer. Born in the month of June; I am a typical Gemini, thus adapted very fast to this new environment of creative agency. I design stuff for our clients’ social media pages and websites. And yes these team characters that you see here are also done by me!

When I am not designing I’m either chit chat on WhatsApp, or laugh out loud on stupid forwarded messages and videos. My hobbies include riding bikes, reading and watching videos about snakes on YouTube.

On one hand, I love researching about snakes, but on the other hand a small cockroach can just freak me out at times. I’m a huge huge fan of suspense and comedy movies. I also love cooking, and my specialty is chicken curry!